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"What a treat!  Your web site is EXACTLY what I've been hoping to find - a first person journal with photos which chronicle your experiences on the trail."   Danny C.

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Why go hiking?
  By: Ben Corr

In a World in which so many struggle to find purpose amidst the complexity of modern life, long distance hiking offers an escape to a simpler existence - one in which the goals are challenging, yet clearly defined, the obstacles numerous, but always surmountable through individual effort, and one's worries few and tractable. It is an existence that is at once both wholly contrived and perfectly natural.

The goals are arbitrary - set by none other than the individual himself - and that same individual is largely free from pressure to conform to prescribed right and wrong as to how he sets about achieving these. In this simplified existence, progress and wellbeing can be defined by a few simple variables - these alone giving a measure of the quality of one's actions. It is an environment in which the effects of one's moral code are clear to see.

The ideas and values held for a lifetime are thrown into stark relief by the experience, and are replaced, discarded, reaffirmed or added to as the journey progresses. More often than not the validity of these adjustments holds true when we return to our 'normal' lives. The person who achieves his goals and does so in a manner true to his own innate sense of 'right' can only return a stronger and more self-reliant individual.


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Thru Hiking Nutrition Calculator

Hiking Nutrition Calculator (Interactive)   By: Ben Corr
Note: To use this Web page interactively, you must have Microsoft® Internet Explorer

As part of my food planning I wanted a tool to quickly calculate the nutritional information of our trail diets. I hoped to see how we could realistically tweak our food stratagies to improve performance and well-being on the PCT. It also was fun to see how our typical hiking intakes compared with a typical day in town. So here is the result of my brief forray into spreadsheet engineering.

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