Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Day 21 03/04/05 48 miles

I left Williston a little before 9am. As in Heaven, I got to see a portion of MacGyver before my last ride. I was not in a rush to pedal the miles away to get some where today. My parents were coming from Atlanta and I expected them to arrive in Lake City, FL around 1pm. I expected Alt 27 (runs East & West) to have tons of traffic. Alt 27 is the only road that heads west. The portion of Alt 27 in front of the Williston motel had no shoulder; trucks ran the road all nite. However, as soon as you exit Williston there is a nice size shoulder. The traffic this morning was fairly lite and the weather, although brisk, had that picture perfect sky and visibility. I thought I could ride this all the way to the coast. I turned north on 339 after riding close to 20 miles on Alt 27. Country road 339 was the only road to not have shoulders today. However, I only rode on three roads. 339 reminded me of Georgia roads, I maybe saw a car every 5 or 10 minutes. About the only thing on 339 besides myself- Trees and farms...that's it. Scenery and relaxation.

My parents drove down I-75 and were to exit on to 47 in Lake City. Once I got to 47 I still had 40 or so miles to Lake City. 47 was also bike friendly- newly paved, wide shoulders and doesn't have constant traffic. So I was just in bike heaven today. The weather and roads put a great ending to my journey. My parents were ahead of my planned ETA, so they began to head south on 47 to find me. We ended up meeting in Fort White, just 20 miles south of Lake City.

I must thank my parents for taking the time to come and get me. I wish this journey could have continued for months on end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATS once again!!!!! Thanks for the picture in key west with our shirt, it will be our new screensaver! Keep riding. Firemen from sta. #16 martin county FL.

8:31 PM  
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