Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day 17 2/28/05 77 miles

I didn't sleep much last nite. Sleeping Sunday kept me up. I was able to leave around 8.15am. The ride today seemed to go rather quickly. I put down 77 miles in less than 5 hrs. My speed stayed consistently around 20 - 25, sometimes higher. I felt relaxed; and the roads had wide shoulders and smoothly paved. There was only a small section without shoulders as I neared Clermont, as well as, 575 ( country road) that led me thru farm lands with no traffic.

If I worked this hard every day, I should be putting in close to 150 miles. I'm so weak.

I plan on taking my bike to the bike shop tomorrow; and Bobby gets home from school around 7.30pm. I'm sure the fun awaits. I've been here a little less than an hour and I already met one of the "golf drink girls". While driving the cart she let 30 or so styrofoam cups cover the fairway. I helped her collect them. Her name is Dusty, aka Dirty, but until I meet some more golf girls, she's the only one.

I worked on my journal until Bobby got home. It's nice to have someone to talk to about life.


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