Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day 16 2/27/05 0 miles

The weather today calls for rain all day with 15 - 45 mph winds and tornado watches. I woke up around 6.30am to see what the weather would bring. It rained for most of the day, sometimes in sheets, but I never heard hail. I guess it's good I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn, but it puts me another day from Bobby. I guess it's kind of goals I set. I really don't look at the adventure as a whole. I instead see each day, sometimes I can't even see into the nite. But reaching Bobby's is my goal now; and I let the weather hold me back another day. If I looked at an adventure as a whole, it's too overwhelming...I really don't know, but I think it's how I see things- I doubt it.

My plans tomorrow, to leave bright and early, and attempt to reach Bobby's. The rain should let up, but a cold front is moving through. It may get into the lower 40s, upper 30s at nite.

In Key West I mailed home 4 - 5 lbs of equipment. My Frogg Togg pants, long sleeve Mountain Hardwear, T-shirt from the firehouse, along with papers and other small equipment I haven't been using.

I'm eating dinner at Sonny's, it's next door to the Holiday Inn. I also ate Sonny's in Sarasota for lunch. It's sad I'm so predictable and can't eat other options a restaurant has to offer. I mainly slept today.

Today's lesson:
You can't win all of them. But it would be nice to win just one.


Anonymous said...

You've won a lot more than one!!! I know how you are about your goals-I am the same way! But always be proud of everything you do accomplish and don't focus too much on what you haven't yet accomplished.

8:12 AM  

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