Monday, February 28, 2005

Day 15 2/26/05 74 miles

I left the Sharps' at 10.30am. Unfortunately, I had to ride US 41. The same 41 that runs through Atlanta. It's a 6 lane highway through Sarasota with no shoulders sometimes. In Sarasota I stopped at a Verizon store and was able to have my phone replaced.

I want to thank my aunt Sandy and the Sharps for driving over 80 miles to pick me up from Ft. Myers.

I'm now in east Tampa near Brandon, staying at the Holiday Inn ($89). It's approx. a mile off of 301.

After 41 & 301 split, the traffic became lite and led me thru farms and small towns. I was pretty beat up today. The riding was easy, but I think my right shoe may have been loose on my foot. My shoes have two velcro straps around my lower metatarsals, and a cinch strap at the tongue of the shoe. I think the cinch strap may have loosened when I changed out of my city shorts. I then rode with the loose shoe- my achilles was just screaming. My muscles were also tense walking from the hotel to the Wendy's for dinner. The two day rest and the Key West walk-fest may not have helped my biking efficiency. I wish I had someone to talk to about these things...and life.


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